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Manampalli Forest Guest House

Manampalli Forest Location: Anamalai Tiger Reserve (Manampalli Range), Valparai, Pollachi, India. Manampally (Manomboli) its one of range in Anaimalai Tiger Reserve, located about 20 k.m. from Valparai is known for its thick Shola forests, fast flowing rivers and scenic beauty.

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Manampalli is known for its thick shola forest and the rich fauna being geographically bordered to Top slip and Parambikulam. This place is actually between Sholayar and Valparai but 8KMs inside the forest. This place has some human presence (very less) in the form of Sholayar Power House where some people work and thereby lives in the government provided accommodation facility. But the only public transportation available is the bus which goes to Valparai in the morning and returns by evening. There is a guest house maintained by Tamil Nadu Forest department and not part of the power house project. Not something which we can locate on Google Maps. It shows Manamboli forest on the wrong direction near Idamalayar.Manampalli is 9KMs from main road while Sholayar is 8KMs and Valparai is 15KMs from the check-post.

  • Manampalli – a new location to visit (Carry all necessaries for food)
  • Elephants – Be careful. If possible, follow the big brother (buses) on these roads.
  • River – Dont urge to venture into lazy waters. An active crocodile might be waiting on the other side. Check with locals.
  • Bisons – Dont take chances in shooing away the herds. Captain will come down for defense. Better wait or back off!
  • Last but not the least – Check-post Pass – Walking not only burns calories but also fetch the passes fast ahead of others